Show Overview


Innovation & Technology for a Better Life Premium Exhibition & Conference representing the LIFE SCIENCEs of Korea

KOREA LIFE SCIENCE WEEK is a life science specialized business exhibition • conference where you can see the latest R&D trends in the life sciences industry.
It helps to strengthen inter-industry partnerships and introduce the latest laboratory analytical equipment, cutting-edge technologies, and high-tech services.

KOREA LIFE SCIENCE WEEK provides a platform where more than 7,000 scientists, industry representatives, and life science experts gather to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas. Moreover, it aims to develop this field further by providing opportunities for collaboration between ‘Private Service-Equipment Manufacturing-Technical Providers.’

The 4rd KOREA LIFE SCIENCE WEEK 2023 will be held on November 2023 at COEX, Seoul, with the latest issues under the theme of “BIO & Pharmaceutical Biotech.”
Leading companies and field experts will participate in international conferences, and a business exhibition will be held for networking, product introduction, and technical consultation.

01. The manufacturing development trends of pharmaceutical / bio / medical industries and products for
      experiments, diagnosis and analysis in life sciences filed in one place.
02. International Conferences to share the latest technology trends and knowledge with customers and partners.
03. Partnering Opportunities in pharmaceutical / bio / medical, life science fields such as investment, research,
      devleopment and manufacturing.

Show Overview

PERIOD November 14(Tue) – 16(Thu), 2023 / 10:00 – 17:00
VENUE Hall B, Coex, Seoul, Korea
SCALE 150 Companies, 300 Booths / 7,000 Visitors (expectation)

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / Seoul Metropolitan Government / Chungcheongbuk-do / Korean Fund for Regenerative Medicine / Regenerative Medicine Acceleration Foundation / Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology / Korea Drug Research Association / Council for Advanced Regenerative Medicine / Korea Biomedicine Industry Association / Regulatory Strategy center for Combination Product / Ajou Research Institute for Innovation Medicine / Pharmaceutical Strategy Institute


  • Laboratory and R&D Zone
  • Bio ∙ Medical ∙ Pharma Zone
  • Laboratory Technology
    • Laboratory Equipment and Machines
    • Laboratory Technology
    • Laboratory Apparatus
    • Laboratory Facilities
    • Laboratory Automation and Process Control Equipment
    • Laboratory Robotic Process Automation(RPA)
    • Laboratory Furniture
    • Chemicals and Reagents
    • Supplies and Consumables
    • Laboratory Data Systems and Documentation
    • Laboratory Services
  • Measuring and Testing / Analysis
    • Surveying and Measuring Equipment
    • Image and Data Processing Equipment
    • Life, Chemistry Research and Analysis Equipment
    • Nanomaterials Measurement and Analysis Instruments
    • Instrumental Analysis
    • Applications
    • Microscopes and Optical Image Processing
    • Measuring and Testing Technology
    • Material Testing
    • Industrial Quality Control
    • Characterization and Properties of Materials
    • Pharmaceutical and Industrial Quality Control
  • Bio, Life and Food Sciences
    • DNA, RNA and Protein Analysis Equipment
    • Image Analysis and Electrophoresis Device
    • Cell Culture and Analysis Equipment
    • SEM, TEM and Electron, Atomic Force Microscope
    • Diagnostic Test
    • Isotope, Pathology Equipment
    • Peptide, Mutation and Pathology Image Analysis Equipment
    • Biotechnology, Bioprocess Systems
    • Fermentation Process and Food Engineering Equipment
  • Laboratory Safety (Occupational safety)
    • Laboratory Waste Disposal
    • Laboratory Hazardous Material Storage Equipment
    • Laboratory High-Pressure Gas Management
    • Lab Personal Protective Equipment
    • UV and Laser Safety Equipment
    • Laboratory Safety Inspection and Precision Safety Diagnosis Agency
    • Laboratory Cleansing and Shower Equipment
  • RnD Convergence Technology and Equipment
    • Optical and Electronic Imaging Equipment
    • Isolation Purification Equipment
    • Separation Analysis Equipment
    • Spectroscopic Analysis Equipment
    • Mass Spectrometer
    • Particle Analysis Equipment
    • Material Property (Testing) Equipment
  • Water, Air and Environmental Technology & Research Equipment
    • Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Instrument
    • Emergency and Portable Monitoring Equipment
    • Vacuum, Pressure, Sealing Facility
    • Laboratory Thermal Test and Temeperature Management(Heating, Freezing, Cooling) Facilites
    • Wastewater Treatment and Purification Facilities
    • Water Quality Management
  • Biopharma / Drug / Bio-Cosmetics
    • Chemical Drug (Chemical Drug, IMD, Generic)
    • Pharmaceutical Ingredients
    • Biological products (Biologics, Recombinant DNA Product, Cell Culture-derived Product, BioSimilar, Biobetter)
    • Small-molecule Drug, Biologics, and Vaccine
    • Drug Delivery System (DDS)
    • Bio-Cosmetics, Cosmeceutical
  • Advanced Regenerative Medicine /Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)
    • Regenerative Medicine (Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, Tissue Engineered Therapy, etc)
    • Somatic-Cell Therapy Medicinal Products (sCTMP)
    • Gene Therapy Medicinal Products (GTMP)
    • Tissue-Engineered Products (TEP)
    • Combined ATMPs (cATMP) - Any medical device combined with a TEP, sCTMP or GTMP
    • Xenotransplantation Products, Xenotransplantation Convergence Products
    • Regenerative Medicine Association, Institution
    • Regenerative Medicine Clinical Research Institute
  • Contract Services & Outsourcing
    • Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)
    • Contract Development Organization (CDO), Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO)
    • Contract Research Organization (CRO)
    • Site Management Organization (SMO)
    • Bio Logistics (Coldchain, Monitoring, SCM, Storage and System)
    • Drug Synthesis Services
    • Analysis Contract Services
    • Chemical Compound Libraries and Screening
    • Contract Services for Raising Laboratory Animals and Conducting Animal Testing
    • Corporate Research Support Software and Laboratory Information Systems
  • Biotechnology / Bioanalysis / Diagnostics
    • Bioanalysis
    • Bioinformatics
    • Biological Imaging
    • Biochemicals
    • Biobanks
    • Biotechnology Equipment
    • Medicine and Diagnostics
    • Biotechnology Applications
    • Bioprocess Engineering
    • Diagnostic Equipment and Reagents
    • Laboratory Technology for Biotech Laboratories and Life Sciences
    • Diagnostics in Medical Research
    • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Digital Healthcare
    • TeleHealthcare (Telemedicine, Telehealth, Telecare)
    • Health (Applications, Wearables)
    • Health Analytics (IoT BioSensor, Genomics, Procission Medicine, Data Abalytics)
    • Digital Health System (Medical AI / BigData / Medical Information Platform)
    • Personalized Medicine
    • Digital Therapeutics
  • Medical Treatment, Medical Devices and Equipments
    • Regenerative Medicine Encompassing Cells, Culture Solutions, Culture Mediums, Reagents, etc.
    • Immunotherapy
    • Genetic Testing
    • Biomarkers
    • Medical Devices
    • Micro-chemicals for Micro Total Analysis Systems (μ-TAS), Biochips, Biosensors, etc.
  • Biohealth New Technology
    • Next Generation Diagnosis and Prevention
    • Next-generation Sequencer
    • Preventive Medicine / Preemptive Medical Care
    • Advanced Genetic Research
    • High-tech Imaging Diagnosis
    • Organoid Technology
    • Robotics
    • 3D Printing
  • Intellectual Property, Legal and Organization
    • Patent Offices and Services Covering Patents and Intellectual Property
    • Law Firms and Legal Services
    • Venture Capital and Institutional Investors
    • Stock Exchanges and Securities Companies
    • Bio-Clusters
    • Support for Corporate R&D and Researchers
    • Assistance in Localizing and Attracting Industry
    • Assistance in Entering Foreign Markets
    • Technology Licensing Organizations (TLOs)
    • Collaborative Projects between Industry and Academia

Concurrent Events


  • ∙ Bio∙Medical∙Pharma Conference
  • - The Advanced Regenerative Medicine Development Strategy Forum
  • - Pharmaceutical and Bio-health Statistics Forum and Innovation Policy Forum
  • - Promising Bio Venture Startup Investment Forum
  • - Combination Medical Product Safety Technology Conference
  • ∙ Laboratory and R&D Conference
  • - Science LAB+ KOREA Conference
  • - Laboratory, Analytical Equipment Workshop (New Product ∙ Technology)


  • ∙ Biz-Partnering
  • ∙ Global Bio∙Medical∙Pharma Networking Reception


  • ∙ Seminar on Technology Transfer & IR
  • - Research and Development-oriented Superior Pharmaceutical and Bio Company IR
  • ∙ Start-Up Presentation on New Medicine, Bio Venture, Digital Healthcare
  • ∙ Presentation on Technology Transfer of Pharmaceutical, Bio